What does digitization mean for the digital printing industry?

Today we call it „digitization“ or more precisely “ digital revolution “ – the transfer of previously objective things into a digital, non-material world. This is quite abstract and often far from our present life.

In my professional life I have been almost exclusively concerned with digital printing applications. Up to now, it has always been about creating the most useful documents that are adapted to the consumer – from the mailing to the operating instructions. That will not change with digitization.

If it is decided to deliver information on paper and not digitally, the question will always be how this information can be delivered as accurately and inexpensively as possible.

Automation is the topic

In order to meet the demands of digitization in the field of digital printing, there is no need for new technologies. Variable data printing with addressing, salutation, versioning, personalization … – that was already possible 20 years ago. Today it is about working efficiently and automatically, thereby excluding sources of error and reacting quickly and flexibly to changes. And because you always have to deal with personal data, the DSGVO must also be considered …

My offer

As a technology coach, I help you develop new ideas and implement them efficiently.

Through coaching, I would like to give you impulses for new print products and their implementation. At the same time, the overall workflow should always be optimized. I can give recommendations for suitable software equipment and, where appropriate, implement and train it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I am looking forward to your call or e-mail.

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