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Composing services for programmatic printing

Variable data jobs made easy.

It’s really simple: you have a variable print job for which you need to create simple or complicated variable documents. We create the application for it, upload it with the resources (images, fonts, layouts) to our platform and use it to create custom-fit PDF files for you – whether full color 2up, black and white in 4-up, self-mailer or imposed as a brochure.

This is particularly worthwhile for recurring orders, which are common in programmatic printing.

Typical applications:

  • Mailing for shopping basket abandoners (postcard, self-mailer, individual small catalogue)
  • Birthday greetings (postcard, self-mailer, production e.g. once a week)
  • Self-mailer or small catalogue with customer-specific offers (e.g. several discount coupons for the preferred product categories)
  • Regular activation mailings (letter, self-mailer, postcard)
  • System mailings for customer card programmes (bonus information, birthday greetings, welcome mailing, replacement card, etc.)

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